WHISK – Coffee and Home Made Cakes and Pastries – Simply the Best!

WHISK at 1 Utama Mall

WHISK Espresso Bar and Bake Shop

At last – a shop that is focused on getting you that really GOOD cup of coffee and a cake to boot. I tire of the run of the mill coffee chains where coffee is expensive but conveniently available in most shopping malls and other public places such as airports and stations. You get huge servings of the coffees where even the smallest size is quite a chore to consume. Of course this could be very welcome to those who need a lot of coffee for the day, but alas, whatever happened to the genteel art of a slow cup of coffee, consumed over a delicate piece of cake or pastry or macaroon? You can hope for this at classy restaurants in hotels and even in the cafes of hotels, but you need to go to such hotels and usually, you do need to have a meal first. And I despair of the status of ‘cakes’ to go with your coffees. Since 10 years ago, I noticed that cakes are these mass produced – large – over creamed, over frosted and over everything – that make you quite sick after 3 bites.

Well WHISK has brought back some of the ‘charm’ of the art of proper coffee making and drinking, and home-made cakes that present a variety you could not resist. There are also snacks in case you want a bit more than cakes – simple meat and fish pies that are not too fancy or all puffed up with puff pastry. My only problem with the place is the fact of the chairs that can be a bit uncomfortable for generously endowed persons like myself, but I guess within the space they have, the chairs do well.

WHISK opened up with great success at Empire Mall in Subang Jaya and recently they expanded to One Utama. Both have maintained the quality of their offerings. For me, I actually love to go back at least once a week for that cake or meat pie and for the coffee to go with it! That quiet moment – that simple activity of checking your IPad for mail and so on, is so so nicely possible at WHISK. I do wish they could find an outlet or somewhere where they could open well into the night. Currently they have to observe the shopping mall’s operating house, which is not too bad, but with the traffic and the parking, nightly visits can be difficult. And I do love my coffee at night after dinner! So, for the moment it has to be that morning or early afternoon for me to get my regular dose.

A Perfect latte





Macaroons Galore

Cupcakes and opastries too!




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